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The latest version of GvRng is 4.0, and the latest version of the lessons is 0.4.

There are now two versions of GvRng:

This is the new design based on GTK/Glade and is meant for GNU/Linux systems and Windows XP systems.
is the GTK version meant to be used on a OLPC XOlaptop.

All users: download GvR GTK and see below for installation instructions if something is unclear.
Window users could also try the GTK version, but you should consider it unstable.

The lessons and other relevant online documentation are also available for download in HTML and PDF format.

The current version of GvRng was developed and tested on Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu GNU/Linux.
The XO version is tested on Sugar builds >= 623

  • Download GvRng
  • Download the lessons. The English lessons are also part of the GvRng package.


GvRng requires Python and PyGTK

Windows XP

Use the GvRng windows installer (.exe). It has everything you'll need.


Install Python and PyGTK from your distro and unpack the GvRng tarball. Start it: python gvrng.py

Mac OS X

Download the GvRng*.tgz file for GNU/Linux users, or the GvR .zip file for Windows users and extract it.
GvR, double-click on gvr.py if you have the file association set in Finder.

If that doesn't work, open up a Terminal, navigate to the GvR directory, and type in pythonw gvr.py.

Latest SVN source

A word of caution: SVN contains the latest, greatest version of the GvRng source, but this means that it sometimes includes code that has not yet been rigorously tested on all the platforms we support.

This project's SourceForge.net SVN repository can be checked out through anonymous SVN with the following instruction set. Sourceforge SVN page


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