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Submit a bug report/question

Interested in submitting a bug report? Please use the SourceForge bug tracking tools to do so:

You can also send the GvR developers a message by emailing gvr-devel at lists dot sf dot net. However, if you're interested in developing, please join our developer mailing list (instructions below).

You may want to grab the latest, greatest, bleeding-edge version of GvR from CVS to see if your problem is solved there. However, beware, the code in CVS may not have been thoroughly tested on all of the platforms we support. See the downloads page for how to get the latest source.

Also, feel free to check out our wiki and leave your questions and comments there -- but if you don't hear back soon, don't hesitate to e-mail us!

Interested in developing?

Please join our mailing list, and send us an e-mail introducing yourself as a student, teacher, developer, onlooker, etc., and we'll try to help you get started with GvR. The mailing list is fairly low-traffic and very newbie-friendly.


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