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Projects don't make themselves, at least ours don't (if yours do, then let us know how so we can copy your process!), so here's a look at the people that make that pretty triangle with the inscribed 'G' work!

Student Developers:

  • Waseem Daher: One of the original GvR (or, what would end up being GvR) programmers, he worked almost exclusively on the GUI with Donald Oellerich. Together, they mastered the fine art of wxPython after many hours of poring over manpages, Google searches, and trial and error. His one wish in their entire world: to get a better picture. Waseem can make GUIs... but that doesn't mean he's photogenic :-).

    Waseem Daher

  • Donald Oellerich: If Donald had to be summarized in one word, it would be: lazy. In all seriousness, without Donald, this project probably would have never gotten off its feet. It is through his efforts, aided by Waseem, that a GUI exists for GvR at all.

    Donald Oellerich

  • Paul Carduner: A jack-of-all-trades in the truest sense of the word. He does it all. Not only did he design the GvR logo, but he is also the individual that essentially singlehandedly made GvR possible. Having rewritten and refactored all of Steve Howell's old pyKarel compiler to support GvR, he is really the driving force and lead programmer behind this project. Sometimes we let him out of the lab and into the fresh air (Aagh! Natural light!) to reward him for all his hard work.

    Paul Carduner

  • Lex Berezhny: Remember Goose from Top Gun? Well it doesn't really matter, since he really has nothing to do with Lex. Lex is now a professional programmer at devIS, but he is a former student of Yorktown High School. Renowned for his knowledge of all things computer, we occasionally drew upon his talents for tweaks and fixes with the GvR GUI that required hands-on support.

    Lex Berezhny

Mentors/Professional Lifesavers:

  • Michele Moore: After being wowed by her presentation at the 2002 Python Conference, Yorktown High School tried its best to recruit her into its pool of Python people, and was successful! Her specific area of expertise as far as GvR is concerned is wxPython programming, and getting the GUI to work just right. As the GUI is approaching its final stages, we hear less and less from Michele, although we still appreciate all the effort she put in to the project!

    Michele Moore

  • Steve Howell: If this project had a father, it would be Steve. He was there from the beginning; from his curses version of Karel running in Linux, until now, with the latest build of GvR. A professional programmer originally working on the West Coast, we lured him over to our own Arlington, Virginia, where he continues to work closely with the students, especially Paul Carduner, on a very frequent basis. He provided the original inspiration for the project, and remains an active participant as it undergoes radical change and evolution.

    Steve Howell

GvR Goes International:

  • Stas Zytkiewicz: aka Stas Z, is the author of Childsplay, a suite of educational games, and AssetML, an xml tool allowing developers to share content between applications. He is involved in Ofset, the Organization for Free Software in Education and Teaching.

    About GvR he says, my interest in GvR is that it was something I was planning on developing myself before I came across this project... Stas Z is focusing on internationalization of GvR and will be presenting on it at the FosDem conference.

    Stas Z
    Stas Z's first true love


  • Jeff Elkner: Luckily for us, Mr. Elkner does not have a set of pom-poms or synchronized dance moves, nor does he do fancy acrobatics. Despite this fact, nothing describes him quite as well as the term 'cheerleader.' He constantly makes things happen by pumping us up with spirit/threatening us (in fact, I'm writing this page, fearing his wrath. Please save me!) Not only is he a cheerleader, he's the head cheerleader. That means he has to plan all the stunts. So, now, he has integrated pyKarel into the curriculum of his introductory Computer Science class here at Yorktown, and is writing additional curriculum for GvR so that he can use it in lieu of pyKarel, and so that others can as well! Because what good is an awesome project if no one is there to use it? That's what Mr. Elkner is all about -- providing us with the resources to work, and providing people to work on the project or with its product. Go team!

    Jeff Elkner


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