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Welcome to the home of Guido van Robot!

Guido van Robot, or GvR for short, is a programming language and free software application designed to introduce beginners to the fundamentals of programming. GvR runs on Windows, Macintosh, and GNU/Linux, in a variety of languages! It's great in both the classroom and the home as a way of introducing people to the basic concepts of programming.

Are you interested in GvR, or do you have a bug report or question? Head on over to the 'Contact Us' page to find out how to send us an e-mail or how to get the latest version of the GvR source.

What's new in GvR?

2010-19-01 Many bugfixes and many improvements to the GUI and syntax checking.

New redesigned layout to provide more room for the code editor.

GvRng has now a 'one window' design
GvRng is now packed in one window so you have everything available.
No longer loosing your editor windows or the language reference, everything in one place.

GvRng is being ported to the olpc laptop
Olpc stands for One Laptop Per Child, see the olpc website for more info about the laptop project
Work on getting GvRng suitable for the laptop is just started and involves a redesign of the GUI.
There's a screenshot available on the screenshots page.

GvRng supports windows
GvRng is now also available for the windows platform.
There's not yet an installer but you can test the zip package after you've installed Python and GTK+.
A installer will be available soon.

GvR is dead, long live GvRng !
GvRng, which stands for GvR Next Generation, is a redesign of the original gvr to make it easier to maintain and more stable then the old one.
From a users point of view the biggest change is that GvRng uses GTK as it's GUI and GTK Sourceview as the world and program editor.

The drawback is that GvRng is no longer Windows compatible.
Window users can use the old gvr which is based on wxPython.
There are plans to create a Windows frontend for GvRng.

Head on over to the download page and grab it now!


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